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Woodworking Edge Bander

SKU: $1,875.00
Tool Tech’s woodworking Edge Bander (EB-505C) is a high-quality multi-purpose machine that is both simple and convenient.

Voltage: 110V
Phase: Single-Phase
Power: 2,000 W
Heating Time: 5 - 8 min
Glue Capacity: 1,000 ml
Edge-Sealing Height: 7-60 mm
Edge-Sealing Speed: 0 - 6 m/min
Trimming Thickness : 0 - 40 mm
Belt-Breaking Mode: Foot Pedal, Microswitch
Net Weight: 124 lbs.
Size: 40" x 20" x 18"
High-Temperature Glue:
The temperature should be adjusted to 220-230 ºC
Medium + Low-Temperature Glue: Temperature should be adjusted to 150 -170 ºC

Microcomputer Meter Control
Automatic Tape Breaking
Double-Sided Trimming
Double-Sided Polishing
Both upper + lower sides can be trimmed + polished, greatly improving work efficiency
Linear Trimmer + Cutter
Able to cut off the redundant edge-sealing band
Able to trim redundant edge-sealing band

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